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Experienced and passionate writer providing copy and content for all your marketing needs.

I've been writing high-quality copy and content for three years. My work includes thorough research, fact-checking, and editing to ensure the best marketing content. SEO best practices keep my writing human enough for audiences, but strong enough for search engines. I'm certified in digital marketing, marketing analysis, marketing strategies, and SEO.

(formerly Meredith Lopez)

Kantner Foundation Samples

I've been writing content for The Kantner Foundation since August 2020. In that time I've been promoted from re-writing existing content to managing the content process from ideation to editing.

"The Kantner Foundation awards scholarships to outstanding students who demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to entrepreneurship as well as high potential for future success."

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Business Terms 101 for Ambitious Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs are not made overnight. It takes a great deal of thought, planning, time, and energy to walk that path of entrepreneurship. Along the way, you’re likely to hear some common business terms thrown around. Whether you’re networking with potential investors, writing up a business plan, practicing a sales pitch, building your website, or simply imagining what it looks like to own a business, there are terms and phrases you’ll need to know.

The Top 5 Fun Ways to Boost Your Sales Right Now!

Whether you are just starting or your business sales have stagnated, every young entrepreneur could use a little help. Across all fields and types of businesses, you need to retain existing customers while acquiring new ones. You don’t want to spend all your investment capital on advertising. But you do need to get the word out and get your brand in front of the eyeballs of people who will become customers or clients.

Kids Love What Website

I wrote for the website Kids Love What from January 2019 to December 2019. The contract ended when the site's creator no longer need new articles. I managed all content from photos and text to importing to WordPress.

"Discover the things that kids really love."

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"Quality articles, recommend."

"Excellent experience!"

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About me:

When I'm not working I love knitting, baking, reading, and watching movies. I'm lucky to work for Tales to Terrify as their fiction editor, Discord admin, and yearly flash fiction producer.